A Good Life Goes West is the 1st book of The Adventures of the Logos created and published on Youtube on July 17th, 2019.


Logo (debut)

20th Century Fox (debut)

McDonald's (debut)

Target (debut)

UPS (debut)

PBS (debut)

Nintendo (debut)

Disney (debut)

Warner Bros. (debut)

Roblox (debut)

Favorit-Film (debut)

PBS Kids (debut)

Qubo (debut)

We Buy Any Car (debut)

Betten Trucks (debut)

Heart Radio (debut)

Google (debut)

TVP (debut)

Chevrolet (debut)

Samsung (debut)

Twitter (debut)

Tumblr (debut)

Facebook (debut)

Android (debut)

Viacom (debut)

Arm & Hammer (debut)

Mr. Clean (debut)

Nest (debut)

Read Aloud Video


The Adventures of the Logos Book 1- A Good Life Goes West


Allowedd1's Style But Better

Allowedd1's Style But Better (Lucasmc07's Version)

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